Day 7: The Majestic Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat by Bicycle


Distance: 35km

Total: 433.4km

Cambodian FOD: Cambodia had three million foreign tourist arrivals in 2010 and five million in 2015, a third of their population.

Everyday Randomness: grandparents rocking the peace sign on the largest religious monument in the world.

Having bought the tickets last night this morning was very straightforward. We pretty much knew the roads at this point! I won’t go into a description of Angkor Wat as that is a novel in and of itself. Very briefly, it is a complex of temples dating back as far as the 12 century. The complex contains the Angkor Wat temple itself which is the largest religious monument in the world.

It is definitely one of those experiences that you have to go to yourself as everyone gets different things from it. One guy went to the temples for 11 days. Myself, I enjoyed the day, the scale and detail of the temples is outstanding. But I did get temple fatigue by the end! Our favourite one was most certainly the temples where the jungle was fighting back, resulting in some fascinating sights:

We cycled to the different temples which was a great way to explore. We even took a short cut and ended up getting a sneaky bit of mountain biking in!!

We didn’t see any animals until the afternoon so they must just know when it’s lunchtime!! The monkeys were definitely well feed by the tourists anyway! 

After a long day of templing we once again found ourselves in a unplanned dinner spot which turned out to be a great find! The south Korean restaurant (we think) served everything on sizzling hot stone served with Kimchi which I had for the first time. A satisfying meal and a great way to end the day.

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