Day 9: Pnomh Penh: Cambodia’s History

Learning Cambodia’s recent history


Distance: 20km

Total: 478.4km

Cambodia FOD: the Khmer Rouge carried out a genocide of its own people killing over 3 million people in 3 years. The population was 8 million at the time.

Everyday Randomness: Cambodia man rocking the full cowboy look complete with spur boots!

Today we went to both the genoicide museum and the Killing Fields. Both are very well done, the museum is probably the best museum I have been to. There is no point saying anything more here as you absolutely have to experience it for yourself.

We happened upon a great place for lunch and finally tried frog!!! It was modern, with the tiny plastic seats replaced with tiny wooden seats and was populated with business people on their lunch break. The frog had strong thighs on him and a lovely light lemongrass marinande.

On the cycle back from the Killing Fields the traffic was particularly heavy. The reason for this became clear when we passed the soccer stadium hosting the Asian cup qualifiers. We would have tried to get tickets but there didn’t seem to be any shifty people outside looking to make some money!

After the long day we headed to the “container market”. This place is an insight into modern Cambodia. The market stalls are contained within shipping containers, most of them are restaurants and bars each competing to have the loudest music. We were expecting the food to be quite pricey but it was actually very reasonable. We also found a spot which sold charcoal vanilla ice cream which was charcoal I’m colour I’m happy to say! 

I think the noise and buzz of the place is almost too much for a westerner or maybe it was just the fact that we were literally the only tourists there! Definitely a place I would recommend going to for the experience alone.

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