Day 10: Pnomh Penh: Russian Market & Brewery Tour

Cambodian FOD: In Cambodia, the head is regarded as the highest part of the body and shouldn’t be touched even in the kindest manner.

Everyday Randomness: buying a real cycling kit for $15…!

The Russian market was the first thing on the agenda. In the first run through we were quite contained. I bought a cycling Cambodia t-shirt to put a halt to the jealousy for Liam’s one. We picked up a few flag patches as well so both our collections are now complete!

We had the best coffee of the trip so far in Pnomh Penh’s famous coffee stall. The smiling owner was very welcoming and the messages left by people for him were heart warming. He also had the oldest looking lonely planet book!!! For $1.25, the coffees were a bargain!

I’ve been having cravings for some mexican food so when I read about Alba’s in the lonely planet I was hooked on the idea and it was conveniently close to the market. 

We ate lunch there and it was by far the most authentic and delicious mexican meal I’ve head. It was coupled with a refreshing cucumber lemonade. The whole meal was fantastic.

We meandered back through the market where we spotted a cycling kit which we initially presumed was fake but when we asked for other colours a whole array of tour cycling kits came out and we had our pick! I walked away with a seriously nice kit for a scandalous price! Scandalous prices were the name of the day when I also bought a pair of Nike leggings for $5!!

We moved from shopping to Brewery when we went to the Kingdom brewery. The sampling started straight away and the full glasses very soon after. You could also bring a beer on the tour as well which was cool. The tour was brief but it was really unique as we were in the actual production area which was seriously hot!!!
After the tour we continued drinking with a couple of Mexicans. They were hilarious especially as they drank more and more! We got invited to Mexico and uncountable number of times so I guess our next trip is planned!!

The brewery closed so I suppose we had to leave! We dined on some street find which had a serious kick and headed back to the hostel for a few night caps with the owner of the hostel! They worked better for him than us shall we say! An entertaining​ way to end the day!!


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