Day 11: Pnomh Penh to Svay Rieng: Debut on Cambodian TV

Pnomh Penh to Svay Rieng


Distance: 127.2km

Total: 605.6km

Cambodiam FOD: It’s estimated there are still 4 million landmines still to be cleared in Cambodia.

Everyday Randomness: doing an interview for Cambodian TV on the side of the road!!!

Today was a day of “firsts”. First puncture in Asia. First ever pot noodle. First time on foreign TV!

The clouds teased with us today. It was seriously hot.  We were about 40km out from Pnomh Penh when this guy on a motorbike with very good English started talking to me. Then he took out a recording camera and started to record us cycling!! I called up to Liam to let him know that he was on TV and the guy asked us to pull in for an interview!

The whole event was very bizarre as the three of us huddled​ underneath a shop’s umbrella while the locals looked on! I’d say we’ll be on the equivalent of Cambodia’s Failte Ireland at some point, that’s if they can put add some good subtitles to the interview!

We powered through the first 60km but hugging the treeline. Maybe we were slightly too close to the trees as that’s when we had our first puncture. Liam had it fix fairly lively though and we were hardly delayed until we got to this seriously impressive bridge built by the Japanese. It was here that I spotted that the puncture repair hadn’t been successful.

At this point we were extremely exposed to the sun with no sign of any kind of shade. We continued over the bridge with whatever air was left in the tires. On the opposite side of the bridge a quick pump of the tire was given just to last an extra 10 minutes of cycling.

Thankfully very shortly after that we pulled into a petrol station, relieved to be out of the sun. The only food they had was pot noodle but at that point we would’ve taken anything! We were well looked after and our glowing red checks provided them with repayment through entertainment!

After changing the tube we were on the road again, this time the clouds were finally providing some much needed shade. That pot noodle ended up being our saving grace because food places were once again non existent! We stopped for a coke to avoid the heaviest part of the rain but to be honest we quite enjoyed the coolness it brought.

When we finally arrived in Svay Rieng which is a nothing place, finding the accommodation proved difficult. Stray dogs barking down the road it was supposed to be own didn’t help. I was also suffering a bit as a result of the many many hours out in the sun! Eventually we found the place, it was alright but there wasn’t much choice to be had!

We got ourselves cleaned and had food in the nearest place that was busy as this place doesn’t even feature on the lonely planet.

This place is the definition of a transition town while touring.

The day will always be remembered as the TV debut though! 

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