Day 16: Saigon: A Real Rest Day

Rest Day in Saigon


Vietnamese FOD: there are almost 20 times more motorbikes than cars in Vietnam!

Everyday Randomness:  Vietnamese sports bars showing results runs of the midweek Lion’s match!

The air con wasn’t​ working overnight in our 8 bed dorm which was quite randomly full of Irish people. As a result the place was like a sauna. I’m not sure if it was because of this, or the lack of sleep or the fact that we hadn’t been feeling a 100% for a few days but a proper rest day was required. Away from the sun, staying really hydrated and getting a decent night’s sleep.

So after a coffee at Mila’s picturesque cafe we headed to the Bali B hotel. We went across the road for pear and passion fruit juice which was exactly what the doctor ordered. 

We dined at the Royal Palace which sounds both cringey and dodgy but was fantastic. Brilliant service and the food was Vietnamese food done with a bit of sophistication at Vietnamese prices! 

We had seriously good ice cream on the way back and settled in for a solid nights sleep! We’ll be well set for getting back on the bikes tomorrow!

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