Day 25: Kampot to Koh Kong: A Good Decision

Kampot to Koh Kong


Cambodian FOD: before it became a member of the world trade organisation, copyright protection was almost non existent in Cambodian. This lead to a host of copycat fast food chains such as Khmer Fried Chicken, Pizza Hot and Burger Queen.

Everyday Randomness: having ice cream made from a type of sweet potato!

We had no yearning desire to go to Sihanoukville as it sounded like a more sleazy, less interesting version of the Thai islands we would be on very shortly. I’m not sure why but Cambodia seems to be a lot quieter in the low season when compared to Vietnam or Thailand. Therefore Sihanoukville could really lack any kind of atmosphere.

So instead we had decided to cycle Bokor Mountain yesterday and get the bus to Koh Kong. This turned out to be an excellent decision for a number of reasons: the nice 55km of the road was under construction and so would have been a nightmare on the bike, the views from the “nice” part of the cycle were no where near as good as those that we had seen from the cruise/mountain and there was a literal thunderstorm at about 11 in the mountains which to be honest would have been pretty scary and definitely uncomfortable! 

The bikes fitted into the mini van like a glove, once the front wheels were removed which brought considerable entertainment to the locals! The journey was a good bit shorter than anticipated and for a door to door service was an absolute bargain at $11 including a bike! The bus company was vibol transport which has an office near the bus and taxi station in Kampot.i had some time on the bus to do some running repairs on my Ireland flag patches after the sad realisation that I had lost my mini Irish flag! By far the worst thing to happen on the trip so far!

We’re staying at Ritthy’s Retreat Guesthouse which is a scandalous €6 euro a night for a private double!! We went to the wildlife cafe for lunch and I had what I assume will be the first of many Pad Thai, the squid was easily the highlight of the meal! Although the ice cream dessert was both very good value and tasty. The lime packed a punch but was perfect when combined with the strawberry! The taro (sweet potato type) was surprisingly good and admittedly did not taste at all like a vegetable!

After a few games of pool, we went to get an actual bag of cans. Not for the alcohol per se but because a lot of the bars don’t serve much variety in terms of beers so we wanted to taste the stout. We got a 6% and a 8% stout so maybe the trip was for the alcohol!!

We needed some street food in our lives and the local place at the roundabout was doing a roaring trade! Seemed like we were definitely bottom of the rung in terms of priority because it took an age for the food to get to us! It was ok though because a friendly neighbour was teaching us all the Khmer words for chopsticks and anything he could see really, all of which were instantaneously forgotten! After, we tried to see if there was any craic to be had but it turns out that our own place was one of the busiest places in town so we headed back there!

To Thailand tomorrow!